• PROTH New PSGS 3060 NEW Introduction Video
    NEW PSGS 3060 WITH TOUCH PANEL-The PSGS 3060 not only presents fine technique the ultimate of performance but also shows streamline shape for fashion and high-tech appearance. Besides, the touch panel is used for very simple and convenient operation.
  • PROTH PV-7000 Micro-grooving Machine
    PV-7000(Micro-grooving Machine), the X-axis: aerostatic bearing guideway w/linear motor driven system, the Y/X axes: ball screws w/hollow cooling system, further function: micro infeed, repeatability, accuracy positioning, passive shock resistance and so on. Best buy for HIGH PRECISION machining of 7-inch light guiding plate molds for LED/LCD manufacturers.
  • PROTH 2011 TIMTOS Video
    PROTH's mission is to provide the best machines with the best service. PROTH surface grinders have been acclaimed both domestically and internationally. With a proud commitment to quality control, PROTH surface grinders consistently surpass all the rigorous quality requirements of the European and Japanese markets. PROTH insists "Simple is the best.", the simplest design contributes to maximizing excellent grinding performance.
  • PROTH's Every Moments Video
    The every moments of PROTH's family.
  • Profile of PROTH Industrial Co., Ltd.
    PPROTH has made surface grinding machine for over 30 years in Taiwan. We make varies series such as saddle type, column type, over-arm type, double column type, rotary type and cnc type. The surface grinding of table are from 150*350mm to 1500*6000mm, and keep developing 2000*4000mm to 3000*6000mm.